The Eberron Squad

A Journey Begins
Tyvonnea's journey

As I stare at the ceiling of the cabin, listening to Calin breathe, I meditate on the cyclical flow of life. Only 2 fortnight ago, I set sail from home in a ship just like this, destined for Sharn. Now my destination is is Dargaun, a land I know little about. Indeed, fate is a strange lover, for in a matter of days, i sailed into Sharn, sold the precious livewood shipment, and acquired emlloyment with house Cannith. The good lady seems to think I will do well with these brothers and sisters of the wind. It will certainly not be dull. I understand now the consternation and emphasis that my teachers placed on my grasping the magic of the harp now. I am shamed daily by the presence of Lady Taus, who has proven how useful those magics are.

The Story So Far...

On my return journey to Sharn after a particularly grueling investigation, I met up with a team of adventurers on the boat.

One misfit I was tempted to haul to the jail and let him cool his heels who fortunately has not had another run in with me since. He was some merchant from House Lyrandar who was really quite uncouth.

The other individuals I have become better acquainted with and am now journeying with to Rhukaan Draal by galleon. One is a warforged named Haldron who appears to be an artificer of some kind who initially was working on the boat returning to Sharn. Another is a half-orc, Glurr, a pleasant young lady with a mighty arm quite capable of cleaving bandits. There is a rather short elven woman who acts like a bard but obviously isn’t a bard named Tavonia and a rather shady mercenary by the name of Calin Shadowstrike. Lastly is an educated half-elven man named Talesh who appears to also be from house Lyrander.

Upon return to the city, an old professor was struck down in cold blood upon a bridge inbetween the two great towers of Sharn near the passage to the upper district by a warforged construct. Further investigation led to the meeting of Lady Elaydren (Lady E) who asked us to track down some sort of schema from House Cannith that was lost.

We went into the Goblin Market and paid 5 gold to be directed to the entrance of the sewer and then proceeded to go down when we were attacked by 2 shifters and one warforged. We killed 1 of the shifters by the other one ran away and we killed the warforged. Proceeding into sewer we uncovered a door which we magically opened and headed down a shaft by rope. When we got to the bottom of the rope I set up a caltrop trap.

We (Tayvonia, Calin, Haldron, and myself) were attacked by a swarm of beetles where we were almost overwhelmed by the noxious things. We had to burn Tayvonia’s blanket and my entertaining outfit before we could get anywhere with killing the damn things. Glurr and Talesh joined us later and we fended off rats and more swarms before finding the locked door of the forge of house Cannith. We couldn’t get in except through the roof whereby we killed off several mechanical dogs whose “operating keys” would come out of their heads once they died. We used those keys to obtain the schema and returned to Lady E who rewarded us with 900 gold. (originally 1000 gold but an advance payment of 100 gold was divied up so that we could purchase supplies prior to going into the sewer).

After a three day shopping spree where we sold off the weapons and armor we had obtained in the sewer, we received a mysterious message by giant owl to go to the Broken Dagger Inn by Lady E. Thus summoned, we made our way to the inn to find her in commoner garb. She handed over a satchel saying it would have all that we needed which I carry even now including instructions and that we had to leave right then. As confusion erupted due to the many questions occurring from other party members, a warforged came in with four kobolds and attacked. We guarded Lady E. and were successful in routing the enemy. Unfortunately I think that we also earned some worry from her because again some of the members were stuck in the why without thinking about the fact that we were in a dangerous situation and that it wasn’t safe to stay and we were delayed thus bickering like old women.

Realizing that it may not be safe yet to return to my brownstone, we convened on the docks and read her letter telling us to seek passage of our choice to Rhukaan Draal. After a few nights, we were lulled into a sense of complacency when in the middle of the night the skeleton draugr attacked. We were able to defeat them though two of the ship’s crew were injured. I patched them up over the next couple of days. The ship’s captain awarded us 60 gold which we divied up amongst us.

Of note, I spent much of the time aboard ship trying to teach the others how to be better at disguising themselves. We will be arriving in the city soon and I hope to help them at least make a presentable attempt to become effective at disguise because they may need to be able to blend into the crowd. The mercenary Calin seems a bit self serving with frequent attempts to take things out of the satchel of party goods or to carry the party goods which I find concerning. He even questioned my integrity to safeguard the satchel despite the fact that I am a constable which I found amusing. That one bears watching. He may well try to rob the others. It is too early to tell. The other Lyrandar fellow appears to be someone of note in the house because he bears the dragonmark on his back. He showed some distrust of me at the beginning though who knows why. I am used to the distrust some afford to my kind. As a changeling, it is afterall simple for me to disappear. This is typically true of those who wish they could disappear but are jealous of their inability to do the same. He did express an interest in hiding his dragonmark which I found curious. I thought his kind liked to flaunt the extravagance of their strange markings not hide them.

It all bears watching now as we move toward our destination. Gods protect us.

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