The Eberron Squad

A Journey Begins

Tyvonnea's journey

As I stare at the ceiling of the cabin, listening to Calin breathe, I meditate on the cyclical flow of life. Only 2 fortnight ago, I set sail from home in a ship just like this, destined for Sharn. Now my destination is is Dargaun, a land I know little about. Indeed, fate is a strange lover, for in a matter of days, i sailed into Sharn, sold the precious livewood shipment, and acquired emlloyment with house Cannith. The good lady seems to think I will do well with these brothers and sisters of the wind. It will certainly not be dull. I understand now the consternation and emphasis that my teachers placed on my grasping the magic of the harp now. I am shamed daily by the presence of Lady Taus, who has proven how useful those magics are.



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