Map: Rose Quarry

Copy of the Floor Map from the Rose Quarry


The large chamber contains a few enourmous blocks of rough red stone. This place was probably where the marble was shaped, polished, and prepared for shipping. Large fireplaces occupy the center of the north, south, and west walls, each made of a different type of stone: red stone for the north, white stone for the south, and block stone for the west fireplace. Six statues stand around the room, one to each side per fireplace.

The floor of the chamber features a detail map of central Khorvaire showing the nations of Aundair, Cyre, Karnnath, Thrane, and Breland. While cities, topographical features, and even major mines are shown in bas relief on the map, no text identifies the locations.

White Fireplace
Falcon: Black Hearth, Black Seal, Southeast 12 paces
Wolf: Cabblen Hall, Red Seal, Southwest 15 paces
*Black Fireplace
Griffon: Red Hearth, Red Seal, Southeast 7 paces
Red Fireplace
Dragon: White Hearth, White Seal, Northeast 9 paces
**Lion: Tallis, Black Seal, East 4 paces


Copied by Talesh.

Map: Rose Quarry

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